Curated Art Collection: Garden

painting of see through dome with plantsJeremy Miranda from the "Seabrook" Series


Each week we present a curated collection of artwork from a variety of artists curated around a common theme. This week's Curated Art Collection is all on the theme of Garden. A place of retreat and a place to groom and pluck. Featuring art by: Jeremy Miranda, Judith Elsasser, Edouard Manet, Janna Morton, Laura Flowers, Joel David Abramson and Laine Godsey. A garden is a place of growth, greenness, life. I chose this theme as I enjoy the idea of nature and nurture in harmony. I also happen to enjoy words that are both a verb and a noun. Ex. To garden, in the garden. 

Painting of little girl with hat"Madison" Judith Elsasser


Edouard Manet oil on canvas painting

"The Monet family in their garden at Argenteuil" Edouard Manet, oil on canvas.

Print of pink path with trees and flowers"Southern Italy" Janna Morton

Circular green hedges"What Lies Between"  Laine Godsey


Acorns on shelf in gallery"He Loves Me Not" Laura Flowers


Drawing of house with vines"Ramsey Hill" Joel David Abramson


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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