Deeper Meanings: The Art of Laura Munteanu

A painting of abstracted colours pouring out of a bottle shapeMessage in a bottle, mixed media on wooden canvas

Laura Munteanu is a Romanian-born artist currently based in Switzerland. The artist works in finance by day, practicing art as a mode of self-expression, and a way of exploring ideas and imagery with deeper meanings

A painting with abstracted, sea-creature-like formsNew Day, mixed media on canvas paper


I like the relatively loose, gestural brush strokes and dreamy colour palettes that Laura employs in her paintings. Though the artist’s subject matter varies widely, the style remains fairly consistent. It’s easy to get a sense of the artist’s genuine enjoyment and appreciation for the art form in this portfolio. 

The front page of Laura Munteanu's art portfolio


It’s interesting as well to see the way that Laura tackles different subject matter, depending on what inspires her to create each work. Some pieces are figuratively straight-forward, depicting trees, flowers, or landscapes, while in others Laura runs with an imaginative fantasy, painting mythical creatures, outer space, and symbolic figures and objects.

A painting of a giant pandaGiant Panda, mixed media on cartboard canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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