The Art Portfolio of Oil Painter Beverly Parson White

A painting of a barn with autumnal trees in the foregroundFall Barn (triptych), oil on canvas

Beverly Parson White is an oil painter and artist based in Texas. In her practice, Beverly creates portrait and landscape paintings, as well as a variety of crocheted crafts. 

A set of hand-crocheted pot holders and dish cloths2 Pot Holders and 1 Wash/Dish Cloth, crocheted cotton


I like the textured, painterly atmosphere of the artist’s canvases -- the artist is adept at varying her brush marks and using specific methods of mark-making to evoke leaves, lilly pads, and other natural features. The artist’s landscapes offer a view of North American that embraces rich, earthy textures and an autumnal colour palette. 

A screen capture of Beverly Parson White's art


Elsewhere in her portfolio, Beverly creates handmade crafts including crocheted objects and beadwork. The artist often combines these two disciplines, creating, for example, hand-crocheted bags with beaded details. The artist sometimes works on a commission basis, creating custom crafts as well as pet portraits and other paintings.

A painting of a man on a motorcycleJohn (commission), oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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