Vitality and Decay: An Art Portfolio by Rachel Lambert

A soft sculpture with cylinders of fibre connected into a "rug" shapeAspen Rug, faux fur, embroidery, floss, wire

Rachel Lambert’s artistic practice encompasses a wide range of media and techniques, from land art and interventions in nature, to photography, to soft sculpture, to two-dimensional media. Much of the artist’s work deals with nature, embracing both vitality and decay; elements of beauty where one might not expect to find them. 

A photo of the moon during an eclipseHarvest Moon Eclipse, photograph


Looking through Rachel’s portfolio, I get a sense of appreciation for the aesthetics of entropy and decomposition. The artist’s soft sculptures call to mind such diverse motifs as rocks, moss, wood, earth, meat, bone, insects, and worms -- translating as wide as possible a range of biological and geological forms into artwork. 

A screen capture of Rachel Lambert's art portfolio

In her Earth Photography and Land Art series, the artist captures visual interest both in the form of sweeping mountain vistas and close ups of sea foam, tent caterpillars, crab carcassess, and rough tree bark. In all of these works, the artist enforces a strong sense of tactility, creating images that can be felt through multiple senses.

A photo of goose feathers scattered in a fieldGoose Down, feathers, fowl, vanished carnivores

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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