Activism and Performance: The Art Portfolio of Leenda Bonilla

A visual detail from an installation artwork addressing Puerto Rican identitySofa-Seat detail #1 (from Atraversa)

Leenda Bonilla is an interdisciplinary artist who incorporates elements of activism and performance into each work. Born in New York City and raised between the Bronx and Puerto Rico, the artist’s activist work focuses on building relationships between immigrant communities, businesses, and officials through arts activities. 

A wall-hanging artwork with abstract forms and sculpted lipsUntitled 1


Leenda notes in her artist statement that her artistic process often begins with taking a photograph, followed by dissemination of the visual information in the photograph through the artist’s own point of view, and translation into different media. The artist’s works are sometimes interactive, often incorporating performative elements whether in the form of live performance or film and video. 

A screen capture of Leenda Bonilla's art portfolio


The installation Atraversa seems to exemplify the maximal approach that Leenda takes to aesthetics -- the works in this exhibition are colourful and packed with detail, featuring found objects and objects that weave a strong sense of nostalgia, making the often ascetic bounds of a gallery space feel lived in.



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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