All Things Tiki: Art by Ken Ruzic

A drawing of a tiki mask7 (from 100 Tikis series)

Ken Ruzic is a California-based artist who specializes in all things tiki. Drawing on a background in graphic design and commercial art, the artist produces densely detailed two dimensional works as well as designs for mugs and other drinking ware. 

A tiki-style bowl with custom design and ultramarine blue glaze'Eka 'eka bowl with Ultramarine Blue Glaze (collaboration with Tiki Farm)


I really enjoy the overall aesthetic of Ken’s art portfolio. The artist is great at balancing a slightly dark, mysterious atmosphere with high energy figures and bright, complex colour schemes. The overall atmosphere of the artist’s portfolio evokes island mythology and folklore, seen through a psychedelic lens. 

A screen capture of Ken Ruzic's art portfolio


A recent collaborative exhibition, Beyond the Planet of the Gargantuas, draws on the aesthetics of 1950s and 60s B-horror and sci-fi films to spin a humorously nostalgic atmosphere. The paintings in this exhibition gallery are incredibly detailed with abstracted and figurative forms, painted in the lush greens and blues of the deep jungle.

A painting of a complex tiki-styled scene with deep blue huesThe Underworld Expedition, acrylic on artboard

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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