A Portfolio of Pared-Down Landscape Paintings by Drew Noel Marin

An abstracted landscape painting with bright teal huesPresent Moment, acrylic on textured canvas

Drew Noel Marin is a Michigan-based artist who works primarily in acrylic on canvas. In her current artistic practice, Drew creates soft, pared-down landscape paintings with an emphasis on cool colour palettes and sparing details that suggest scenes rather than filling in every detail. 

A painting of a hazy forest with a silhouetted deerForest Haze, acrylic on textured canvas

I really like the way Drew emphasizes the atmosphere in her artworks. Some pieces feel strictly abstract at first glance, with pure-colour compositions reminiscent of [Mark Rothko]. Drew’s titles become a gateway into the work’s intended reading, though it’s certainly possible to enjoy the artist’s paintings either way -- as figurative landscapes and as abstract explorations of texture and colour. 

A screen capture of Drew Noel Marin's art portfolio websitewww.drewnoelmarinart.com


As we saw in our previous feature of Drew’s work evoking emotions, the artist often includes stricter figuration in her works -- usually in the form of flowers, or trees spread neatly across a horizon line. These more clearly representative moments serve to create contrast and energy within the painting, allowing the viewer’s eye to move easily between figuration and abstraction.

A textured abstract painting with white and blue strips of colourEbb and Flow, acrylic on textured canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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