Black and White and Duotone Photographs by Stuart Diekmeyer

A photograph of a landscape at Mount EtnaMount Etna

Stuart Diekmeyer is a lifelong photographer currently based in Maryland. The artist’s photography portfolio emphasizes black and white and duotone photographs, focusing on close-up detail, texture, and composition. 

A photo of twigs strewn across a snowy landscapeTwig Pattern


I really like Stuart’s duotone images, the majority of which feature close-up images of plants and flowers. As we saw in our previous feature of Stuart’s abstracted viewpoints, the artist does a great job of capturing the unusual or unexpected elements of recognizable forms -- seen in very close views and from different angles, these plants take on a bizarre and fascinatingly alien appearance.

A screen capture of Stuart Diekmeyer's art portfolio


Stuart’s Winter Minimalism series takes an interesting approach to photographic composition. In these works, the artist photographs objects arranged across a plane of snowy ground. Using the white snow as a kind of canvas, Stuart builds patterns that utilize negative space and allow for a focus on fine details.

A close-up photo of a flowerCone Flower

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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