The Art Portfolio of Sarah Trundle

An abstract painting with blue and green huesThe Bright Side, mixed media on canvas

Sarah Trundle is an artist working in painting and mixed media, producing energetic abstractions that combine bold planes of colour with textured elements and moments of line art. 

A painting of a mug on a table with a bold red backgroundBig Mug on Red, acrylic and graphite on canvas


I like the pastel colour palette that features in many of Sarah’s artworks. The artist often creates a cohesive, analogous colour scheme for her works, layering shapes and marks in darker and lighter shades of a similar hue. The artist’s use of charcoal and graphite to create snaking, narrow-line figures sits in contrast to these paler colours and builds up a sense of depth in each artwork. 

A screen capture of Sarah Trundle's art portfolio


Sarah’s still-life and floral artworks take a similar technical approach, though in these pieces there’s more of a focus on figures. The artist’s figures have a childlike sense of immediacy about them -- most are bare sketches layered with flat colour, with a consistency of style that solidifies each piece as well planned and intentional.

A painting with pastel pink tones and darker linesUntitled: In Peachy Pink, acrylic, charcoal, and graphite

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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