Airy Palettes: The Painting Portfolio of Lully Schwartz

An oil painting of a pink flowerUntitled Pink, oil on linen

Lully Schwartz is an American-born painter whose work is inspired by her rural upbringing and the experiences and settings therein. The artist’s work is largely figurative, painted with light, airy palettes, gestural marks and an impressionist eye. 

A painting of blue sky over an earth-toned landscapeUntitled 207, oil on linen


I really like the balance between detail and immediacy in Lully’s paintings. In some recent works, the artist has focused on close-up floral imagery, creating paintings that feel both detailed and abstract in a way. Lully leaves her brush marks highly visible so that the viewer can almost track the artist’s hand making its way across the painted surface.

A screen capture of Lully Schwartz' art portfolio website


Lully’s floral paintings feel lush -- they present their subject matter from a head-on viewpoint that naturally calls to mind work by Georgia O’Keeffe, but where O’Keeffe focused on smooth blending and neat curvature, Lully embraces an edge of chaos, layering bold, imperfect strokes of pigment to create a rougher, more immediate and energetic texture.

A close-up painting of a white lillyGilding the Lily, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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