The Prolific Artistic Portfolio of Jeanne Kollée

A palette knife painting with a dark, heavy colour schemeThe Last Eve of Berlin - May 02 1945, oil on canvas

Jeanne Kollée is a painter and mixed media artist working primarily in oil. In her prolific artistic practice, Jeanne creates works ranging from delicate, smudgy florals to hard-edged abstractions painted with a palette knife. 

A painting of a barren landscapeEpoch - 2035, oil on canvas


I really like the way Jeanne uses colour in her artworks. The artist’s series Unter Dem Messer (Under the Knife) features abstract paintings created using a palette knife, with dark, shadowed colour schemes that lend each work a fantastic sense of depth and weight. Bright moments of saturated colour cut across the foreground like wounds made into the canvas itself, sitting atop grounds of deep, chromatic greys, greens and blues. 

A screen capture of Jeanne Kollee's art portfolio


In figurative works, the artist takes a graphic approach, building human figures out of interlocking planes of flat colour. Even the artist’s line art consists of various colours, with Jeanne sometimes lining the outside of a figure with several layers of contours in complementary hues.

A painting of the norse god ThorThor - God of Thunder, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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