Images and Visual Moods: Photography by Heather Solomon

A photo of a fresh cup of coffee being pouredMorning

Heather Solomon is an artist and photographer currently based in Wisconsin. In her practice, Heather takes photographs of a variety of subjects including food, landscapes, and commercial products, applying an academic skill set to a variety of images and visual moods

A photo of a street in Chicago in winterChicago


Heather’s most recent photographic works have taken her to the commercial side of photography, with product photography and food photography featuring prominently. I like the way that Heather groups her portfolio into different categories by subject matter. It makes it easier to see and appreciate the nuances in style and approach that the artist takes for each different subject. 


In her culinary photographs, for example, the artist favours dramatic angles and warm, shadowed lighting, which lends an inviting atmosphere to her subjects, capturing a mood and tone as much as the subject itself. By contrast, Heather’s product photographs capture as much detail as possible, with bright, even lighting.

A photo of a series of sweaters on a clothing rackUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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