Architectural Projects by Alex Cruz

Before and after photos of an architectural project in Maple RidgeBefore & After - Maple Ridge

Alex Cruz is a photographer and architectural designer. In his current portfolio, Alex showcases photographic work from his travels around the world, as well as design and process photos of architectural projects for residential homes. 


Boffo Modello high-rise tower


It’s really interesting to see these kinds of “before”, “during”, and “after” snapshots of a home or building that Alex had a hand in designing. Alex Cruz studio specializes in dreaming up architectural designs for construction, in some cases working with existing properties to drastically alter the appearance of a home during major renovations. 


The artist’s designs tend toward sleek and modern aesthetics, with hard geometry and straight lines featuring prominently. It’s interesting to see how architecture like this intersects and contrasts with the landscapes around it, making a home seem like equal parts functional location and large-scale sculpture.

A photo of a reflective decorative pool in Washington, DCReflecting Pool

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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