High Flow Acrylic Paints: I'm Addicted.


I love spending money on art supplies. I actually don't have buyers remorse for art supplies ever! My new obsession that is sure to drain my bank account is Golden's new line of High Flow Acrylic paints. This product is like the perfect storm for me as I love watercolour painting and the nature of acrylic paint. Acrylic paint as my medium of choice dries fast enough that I can start working on my next layer will little delay and it won't "lift" like watercolour where the first layer gets reactivated by the moisture of the second layer being applied.


I like to water the High Flows down a little bit more to get some interesting bloom-like effects which they touch on in this great video above. These two (David and Jordan Doody) really know the ins and outs of this product so if you are interested in trying it then check out this video first. They talk about using it in paint markers, airbrushes, but overall they really understand alot about the properties of this great new line of product. 


Video source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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