How to Create Business Cards for Your Art with Moo

How to create your art business cards


Why have a business card as an artist? If done right your business card can be a thing of beauty - something so nice that people will hang on to it, stick it on their fridge, use it as a bookmark and refer to it again and again over time. Thats why I believe that artists should have a business card that is lovely to look at and up to date with current info and artwork being represented. 

I think it is very important to order small runs of business cards and update them often. The first business cards I ever ordered I ended up with 1000 cards and was still handing them out long after the artwork on the card was created and sold. Every time I handed one of them out I basically apologized for how out of date it was. Not cool. Since then I rarely order more than 100 cards at a time so that I can always update the image I use on my cards. Also I get 100 different designed cards in my order through the unique service of


I really enjoy ordering my cards from Moo and thought I'd share it with you since it's easy to use and they have some beautiful options.  They have mini cards, regular sized cards, cards with a colour in the core, extra thick cards, and rounded corner cards. I am probably forgetting half the products here but they know their business and it won't cost you an arm and a leg for a beautiful card.


 1. You can peruse the many designs Moo has or you can choose to put your art on the card and design your own card.
Screen shot of business card website


2. The screen where you can customize your card and add different images for each card in your order!!! At the bottom you click to flip the card. It's very intuitive and easy to use. Plus you can save your order and come back to it later.

Screen shot of business card website
3. Adding art to the flip-side of the card, right now I only have one image so the software tells me that all 50 cards will look like this.

Image of business card with painting
4. I have added another image and so now I will get 25 of each image in my 50 card order:

Image of two buisness cards with paintings on them
Once you have added as many images as you want you proceed to checkout and then, if you are anything like me, you wait excitedly for the post! Creating your art business card should be a fun task - you've done the hard work of creating wonderful art that you are proud of and handing your business card out should support that and give you confidence to connect with new patrons.


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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