Painting Storage Systems For Art Studios

Here's a post about something I'm super "geeked" about: art storage systems for paintings. I have absolutely ruined work because I currently have no proper storage. Here are some dreamy storage systems I found while plotting my own ideas. Hopefully you have proper storage for your artwork, whether it's sculpture, drawing, painting etcetera. Here are two example of storage on wheels and two that are more built-in, less move-able.


1. I really like the look of this system by Art Boards because it is modular (you can easily change the shelf heights) and it's on wheels. Here is the website:



2. Here's another art storage system from Dryden Art and Canvas Keepers. I really like it's minimal look. It's on wheels as well which is nice if you like to rearrange your studio on a whim - I know I do. The notches may restrict the width of the stretcher bar that you use on your canvases though and I suppose if you work on thin profile canvases they probably wouldn't work to well in this style of rack.

Photo of various stretched canvases on cart


3. Below is a lovely built in art storage system that I found on Pinterest. It took me a while to notice but this is built into a very sharp corner which is normally a difficult space to utilize. In fact I have a corner just like this in my studio which I am trying to use better.

photo of office space in an art studio
4. I love the storage below because it takes advantage of ceiling space similar to the system above. These two last systems would be limiting for overall size of canvas however they look pretty amazing overall for a workspace. 

Photo of paintings and books stored in art studio


Hopefully you have a good art storage system for keeping your art organized and keeping it from getting damaged. At the very least there are some inexpensive options that can help protect it until you do. Two words: cardboard and bubblewrap!


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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