Online Portfolio: Bogdan Cheta

Photo of art installation inside gallery "I like it here, don't you?" Installation by Bogdan Cheta 

Today we feature the online portfolio of the enigmatic artist Bogdan Cheta whose work has been exhibited at Pith,  Avalanche! and Emmedia in Calgary.  His installations are material rich and form dense worlds of varying textures. In this work found objects are a critical mass of information. The cluttered displays seem to speak to the cozy squalor of home. I can't help but feel like a voyeur when looking at the images of Cheta's installations. That feeling that you get when left alone for a moment in the home of someone that you don't know very well.  This mass of objects echoes the presence of person. 


"Bogdan Cheta perambulates his universe amongst a hybrid density of motifs that blur private worlds with public spaces through intentional getting lost gestures - such as the endangered practice of walking & talking at once - which, if placed next to sculptural locales, extends the range of his positioning via emerging networks of unintended consequences and relationships - a process that in principle

will never satisfy it’s conclusion, but in practice, continues to motivate his inward looking, and Brancusi-like riposte to the demands of the outside world." -


You can view more of Bogdan Cheta's online art portfolio here:


Photo detail of art installation"Hair grows the way it wants."Installation by Bogdan Cheta

Photo of fire place in empty roomImage from the work "Island Night" by Bogdan Cheta 

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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