Artist Portfolio: Terry Cervantes


Drawing of seashells on plates

Seashell Dinner Plates by Terry Cervantes


Today we feature the portfolio of artist Terry Cervantes. She creates delicate drawings of seashells and transfers the image to ceramic bowls and plates. For me the quality of shell itself is echoed in the ceramics. Terry also has paintings and drawings in her online portfolio and you can discover her beautiful creations in her Etsy store for purchase. 


"I focus on the person who will use the product and how the experience can be enhanced. My current ceramic collection includes cups that the user can enjoy as an art piece as well it's function, plates that have a whimsical feel, and an asian feel with the minimal or unique footing. My moon bowls and plates are both funcitional and whimsical, and will look good in an urban setting or an eclyctic setting. My most favorite thing to do is make small covered jars with whimsical animals like birds, foxes, and platypi and probably more, if I can think of it, I can make it!!" -


View more examples of Terry Cervantes' art portfolio here:

Drawing of seashells on bowlsSeashell Bowl Set by Terry Cervantes

Seashell on bowlSeashell Lunch Plate by Terry Cervantes

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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