Portfolio Website: Donna Bruni

oil painting of human figures"Figure Study 2" Oil on custom built canvas by Donna Bruni


Today we feature work from the online portfolio website of painter Donna Bruni whose work explores a delightful range of colour choices and combinations. These works seem to embody an ephemeral essence throughout the application of both abstract and figurative techniques. Bruni offers multiple methods of mark-making from soft painterly strokes to surfaces that look like they might be scraped, scoured or peeled to reveal secret layers of colour below.


"American painter, Donna Bruni, creates abstract oil paintings that reflect places visited, remembered or imagined, suspended within layered surfaces of color. Her recent series, Floating to the Surface (2009-2013), inspired by conversations at memorial sites in El Mozote, El Salvador, Gernika, Spain and New York City, considers intangibles such as hope, compassion and loss through the painting process. Her new cityscape series marks a return to bold color, movement and light as subjects for abstraction." - www.donnabruni.com


View more examples from the portfolio website of Donna Bruni here: www.donnabruni.com


oil painting of figures using red and blue paint"Figure Study 1" Oil on custom built canvas by Donna Bruni


oil painting done with minimal style"Floating to the Surface 2" Oil paint and tinted gesso on canvas by Donna Bruni

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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