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oil painting of a leopard drinking from a swimming pool

"Leopardo En La Piscina" Oil on canvas. By Maria Angela Reyes.


Today we are featuring the artwork of Maria Angela Reyes who favours cats as her subject matter, all of which are rendered with a luminous palette.These paintings seem to capture those amusing expressions of our furry feline friends, from the sideways glance to the blank cat stare. I sense a jovial spirit in the application of the paint as it renders the subjects. These cats are bursting with a "sassy" energy that only cats have truly mastered. 


"Painting is my window, it allows me to show my inner vision to the viewers.

When I work with color, volumes and texture I am reminded that this new painting I am working on, becomes a window that allow me to show all those things inside me, that can’t be shown by language .

I begin a piece when I become passionate by an idea, and realize I can´t stop thinking about it.  I know the piece is done when I look at the canvas and I know it doesn’t need any other brush stroke of color, and then I can’t stop grinning." - www.mariangelareyes.com


View more examples from Maria Angela Reyes' art portfolio here: http://mariangelareyes.com

painting of closeup of a tiger

By Maria Angela Reyes.

painting of a cat sitting on a chair

"Gato Blanco" Oil on canvas. By Maria Angela Reyes.

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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