Portfolio Website: Boudewijn Korsmit

Painting with expressive brush strokes of man head with dark features

By Boudewijn Korsmit.


Today we are showcasing work from the online portfolio of Boudewijn Korsmit. I really enjoy the watery layers of paint application in these pieces. Boudewijn allows marks to be created by extremely wet application and dripping creating ephemeral marks that come together to form faces. The white of the paper is frequently preserved to create light in the works which creates nice contrast particularly in the pieces where black and dark grey tones come into play.


"As a painter I taught myself to work with watercolor, always looking for a challenge.

Art as a metaphor of living, more than art as an esthetic approach, although it’s not easy to hide an academic background. Raised in a multicultural family, with roots in two different worlds, art for me was a kind of survival, a second language to communicate. The love for working on paper goes back to my childhood, where I used the blank sides of books to draw on, in a way I am a graffiti artist." - boudewijnkorsmit.nl


See more examples from the online portfolio of Boudewijn Korsmit here: boudewijnkorsmit.nl

Painting with dark brush strokes of face and hairBy Boudewijn Korsmit.

Abstract painting with pastels of squares and random headsBy Boudewijn Korsmit.

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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