Curated Art Collection: She-Magic

Woman with pink wig, glitter eye mask and a spider brooch in her mouthPhotograph by Ali King.

Every month we present a curated collection of artwork. This week's Curated Art Collection is all on the theme of She-Magic.  As in the sparkle in an unusual action and the serious mystery captured in a moment's expressions and postures. What are they doing? What are they thinking? I love when a piece of art catches me by surprise and I can't help considering the figure's enigmatic expression.  Featuring art by: Ali King, Serena Stevens, Oleg Oprisco, Paul X. Johnson, and Rosie Hardy. The actions and expressions of the female figures are surprising and catch me off guard in the best way.

Figure hanging upside down from trapeze in the middle of kitchen"Playtime" Oil on canvas, by Serena Stevens


Photo of woman with long hair surrounded by leavesPhotograph by Oleg Oprisco.


Painting of woman with black hair and dress with owl"Rachel" by Paul X. Johnson.

Photo of woman sitting upside down with old radio"Just Chillin" By Rosie Hardy

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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