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So you have great artwork and are getting recognition, now you just need sales..but it can be slow and bills don't pay themselves so what's a gal to do? One thing you can consider is creating a diverse range of art price points. Think about a menu with a range of items that suit people's individual needs. If someone can buy something from you at a low price point or a high price point then you are serving a wider audience. This gives you a better opportunity to make that extra cash that you need to pay rent and buy food : )


Here are some items that I have seen artists sell in order to support a lower price point:


Greeting Cards or postcards: You can make them by hand and charge a little extra for them or create them digitally using images of your artwork.

handmade greeting cardsCards by Rosy Designs on Etsy

Prints or posters: You can create a limited edition or unlimited. Limited edition can generally be sold for more than unlimited editions and are easier to sell because of the element of scarcity.


Tote bags and t-shirts: This doesn't work for all types of artwork but it might be awesome for some artists or certain projects.


If you aren't up for ordering these products then you can consider work with less expensive materials or smaller sizes in order to create a lower price point. For example you can include works on paper if most of your work is on canvas, and have a price for framed and unframed work. Or you can join an online service such as Society 6 where you can sell objects with your image on them in a print-on-demand type situation with little effort on your end. Check them out:


You can also take some time to consider items that are higher price points. These could be very large works, works that use more expensive materials or use a lengthier process to produce. Do what you can to increase your menu of art for sale and see what happens.


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Image source [2]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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