Art Portfolio: Deborah Carman

water-color of woman in red boots looking at her phone

 "Red Boots"


Here are a few selected works from the art portfolio of artist Deborah Carmen. Deborah is based out of Mount Juliet, Tennessee. I'm not sure what it is about her work but I got a doll-like impression from the my surprise I then found out that this artist also creates tiny furniture for doll-houses. I know you are curious about tiny furniture so check out her etsy store here. Perhaps it was the sweetness in the expressions of the figures that made me think of dolls!


"We gravitate to the things we love and it's obvious by the look of my website that I love painting people. I'm constantly looking for a "face" to paint. I absolutely find people and their facial expressions fascinating. I believe it's because with each expression there is an untold story behind it. As I continue my journey with this wonderful medium of watercolor I hope to capture many more expressions and the many stories behind them."-


Please take a look through more of Deborah Carman's art portfolio here:

water-color of a beautiful woman in a blue gown"Blue Gown" 

close up water-color painting of woman wearing a hat"Girl in Leather Hat"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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