Social Media for Artists: You Feel Like You Are Running Out of Content to Post

yellow graphic with a quote that says 'social is a way of thinking, not a trick'


Do you ever feel that keeping up with social media is a pressure cooker ready to explode? Sometimes it seems like a burden to have to post content when you are really engrossed in your work - perhaps you aren't sure about sharing it incase it doesn't go well? Some artists seem to share work all the time and maybe they work lightening-fast. Good for them! But just because your art may take longer to create it doesn't mean that you have nothing to share. You have to change your mindset to understand how to be consistent with social media - understanding sharing. People who are following you are confused by your sudden radio silence on social media. So what's the solution?


Breaking radio silence with a steady stream of a variety of content that doesn't only share finished art work. If every post you created was about your finished work and invitations for exhibitions you risk boring people to death and reducing their impression of you to an art robot. The truth is that you do more than that and people would love to know these things so they can have a better understanding of you as an artist and your art. 


1. Do you go to exhibitions or visit other artist's studio? These make for great content posts and help to support local artists and galleries. If you post something like this make sure you connect with that gallery or artist so that they can share your photo or comment on your post. 


2. Did you notice something that inspired you today- a quote that resonated with your creative process or a piece of landscape that caught your eye? 


3. How is your work going? What are you discovering in your process? If you don't mind posting WIP's (work in progress photos this would be a great opportunity...if not then you can take a detail shot of the piece or a photo of your work desk/ studio/easel. People can get a nice insight into your day to day environment this way.


4. When you book a show start talking about it early - if it gets cancelled for some bizarre reason- NO BIG DEAL. But if you can start spreading the word early people will understand that you are working on new pieces with a particular deadline in mind and they might feel more invested in coming to your show or buying your art if they feel like they have taken the journey with you ---don't you think



Written by: rebecca chaperon
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