Be Nice To Someone On Social Media Today: Social Media Love For Artists

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Everyday we are on our game - promoting our work and networking with our clients. Artists are some of the most driven and hard-working people I have met. They work weekends. This mentality of promoting ourselves and work can put us in a rigid mind-set that is not great for socializing and social media. If you are feeling this way maybe it's time to do the opposite to balance things out. Why not promote someone else? Think about how much it might make their day!


So I have posted a question on the wall of my office. It simply is "Who can you be nice to on social media today?" Even reading it makes me feel happy. I know when someone takes time to promote me and my work I feel so grateful for the love and support, and I want to pay that forward whenever I can. 


Simple ways that you can do this is just by sharing people's posts of Facebook. My mom shares almost all of my posts on her facebook profile which is just about the sweetest thing in the world : ) If you are strapped for time or unsure about what to say this is a great option. Probably best to share people's posts about their work or acheivements, not a picture of their best friend's soy latte.


Next level Facebook love: share someone's post but write your own message as an introduction to who the person is and why you are sharing their image. 


On Twitter you can "favourite" a Tweet, the little star icon. It let's the original poster know that you liked their post. Again you don't have to say anything and this is a bare minimum show of support and attention. A retweet is nicer because you are sharing their content with your followers, it also takes no time at all.


Next level Twitter love: you repost a tweet but with your comment or "quote tweet" so that you can write a glowing endorsement etcetera.


On Instagram you can like a photo just by tapping the screen ---it's too easy ! Go brighten ten people's days - it will take ten seconds! To be nicer you can leave a quick comment or little emoji to express your admiration.


Next level Instagram love: you can share someone's post with a specific person by including @someone'sname. Example, you see someone's art and you think it's awesome - do you know someone else who would strongly agree with your sentiment , if so @them!!


Take some time to do this as soon as possible - who are you connected to on social media who has been working really hard on their art lately? Maybe they could use a show of social media love.


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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