Art for Dog Lovers: Nicoletta Poli

oil painting of two dogs playing in a lake with mountains in the backgroundLittle Sister, oil on canvas

Nicoletta Poli is a painter with a particular affinity for seaside landscapes, and dogs. Nicoletta’s style seeks out the basic elements of a scene and renders it in a minimal but colourful image. In her watercolours especially, individual brushstrokes can form major parts of the scenery, land or water.

oil painting of a road with a lighthouse in the backgroundNorth Wind, oil on canvas

Nicoletta primarily paints in oil. I find the Dog Art series, in which black dogs form silhouettes on beaches and landscapes, simple and sweet with a quietness that echoes the peace found in these landscapes. This is art for dog lovers, and those who appreciate the undisturbed scenery of the coastline.


painting of man smiling and holding a dogPaul

Nicoletta also does commissioned pet portraits, which utilize more detail than her black silhouette dogs – but just enough to capture the individual essence of each pet, while still relying on her clean, almost minimal approach to painting.  

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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