8 Reasons to Donate Your Art to Art Auctions For Non-profits


photo of art gallery reception with people standing around looking at artworkArt for Life Auction - Vancouver, BC


1. Art auctions for non-profit organizations are a great way for an artist to gain exposure to new communities of art buyers.


2. Free advertising! Most of these organizations have advertising campaigns, social media and printed promotional material that can feature your work.


3. Let's your existing clients know that you are interested in generously giving back to your global or local community.


4. Sometimes you get paid : ) Some of these organizations will pay a portion of the profit to the artist or buy the work outright. Timeraiser is a canadian non-profit organization that will buy art work which is then bid on not with money but with volunteer hours! Super dang cool.


5. Swanky parties for meeting new future clients! These organizations know how to host an event and they will often go all out for their donors and the artists are usually invited for free ( these events can be $100 ticket events) 


6. Experience your own generosity and the gratitude of others.


7. Help a great cause that is close to your heart!!


8. Get a receipt and write-off your donation at tax time. 


Image source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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