Creative Textile Artworks: Anne Garwood Roney

artwork made from green fabricRapids, dowelling and fabric

Today we feature the textile-based works of Anne Garwood Roney. Anne uses a variety of fabrics, as well as rope, twine, and small objects such as buttons and beads in her creative textile artworks. I like the contrast in Anne’s body of work between using highly processed, fine fabrics, and materials taken straight from the great outdoors such as reeds and gourds. Born in Toronto, Anne recently moved back to London, after living and working in the nearby countryside for several years. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in art and archaeology, and these two disciplines seem to fit together perfectly in her work.



artwork made from beige and brown fabricsEarth

Anne’s work takes natural forms and unconventional materials and focuses on the line and the visual components that make them up. In her Water series she uses the folds and curves of layered pieces of fabrics to evoke the twisting lines and reflections of moving water.  See more of Anne’s fabric artwork on her artist website.


artwork of a red shape with black detailsRed/Black Gourd

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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