Fluid Watercolour Paintings: Wa Truong

chinese water-colour painting of flowersThree Bees, watercolour

Wa Truong was born in Vietnam and came to the united states with his family in the late 70’s. Having begun to paint at the age of 9, Truong took up the technique of traditional Chinese watercolour painting, and has honed his skills in the art ever since. Truong’s works are beautiful examples of the results that a well-trained artist can produce from a medium that is often tricky to control.

chinese watercolor painting of dark cloudsDark Clouds, watercolour

Looking through his body of work, I am particularly entranced by Truong’s paintings of landscapes, which seem to embrace the fluidity and randomness of the medium. On the other side of the spectrum, Truong’s flower paintings exhibit dense collections of soft, careful brushstrokes, blossoming into images of foliage that move up and outward like fireworks. View more of these fluid watercolour paintings on Truong's art website.


watercolor painting of a tigerWide Eyed Tiger, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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