Abstract Expressionism at Grolle Fine Art

painting of clouds and the moonJim Corbett

Today’s featured artist is not a single artist but an entire gallery! Grolle Fine Art is located in Winnipeg Manitoba. The gallery’s mission is to bring different styles and cultures together in the making of new masterpieces.


Grolle’s built a fine website, www.grollefineart.com, that allows you to view portfolios of work by each of the artists who have shown at the gallery. While I can see some common threads linking all of the work that I see here, there is still enough variety that I am compelled to keep looking through the galleries and discovering each new and unique work.


painting of abstract shapesRhea Carmi

The gallery primarily focuses on abstract works, particularly abstract expressionism from the 20th and 21st centuries, and I see a great many paintings featuring bold spaces of colour and soft shapes and textures. There is also a focus on scenes from nature, plantlife and coastal landscapes.


oil painting of landscape with fogScarlet Sunrise, McCluskey

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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