Collage and Paper-Cut artwork: Mark M. Garrett

collage of organic shapesTrapezius 5, cut paper and collage

Mark M. Garrett traces the uneven, sloping lines of a landscape across his images, using maps as both an inspiration and a medium. Found on his website - - are many examples of different categories of work – some that is collaged from and based on cartography, some anatomical work that also echoes the shapes of land masses and bodies of water, and some that is bizarre and experimental in its own right.


color shapes that look like geographyTibet, watercolour and scissor drawn map

Mark works as a museum technician when he is not producing artwork, and brings his interesting knowledge of paper artwork to his own practice. Also interesting are Mark’s forays into three dimensional artworks and sculpture – just as surreal and dreamlike as his map drawings, but tactile.  


abstract water color painting that looks like a mapVerdandi, watercolour and scissor drawn map

I really love to intricacy and obvious skill that goes into Mark’s collage and paper-cut artwork, and seeing the similarity between the maps and anatomical work creates a very interesting discussion for the viewer.  

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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