Tips for Studio Sanity: Give Your Studio an Overhaul

street sign pointing to two directions that says order on one and chaos on the other
Rearranging and cleaning your creative space is a process that can open up new space- physically and visually. Reducing the clutter can help you make better decisions, faster. Perhaps it's time for a purge in the studio - a deep clean rather than a quick tidy. 


The studio should be filled with items that are useful for your creative process and items that inspire you. I keep decorations to the minimum in my studio as I want it to feel like a work space and not a comfy zone. I do however a few little cactuses to keep me company and I like to think that they are inspiring. 


1. Take a good look around you - what's not useful to this space anymore? Start by removing items that aren't useful from the studio. For me it would be the ridiculous amount and variety of tape - an entire basket. Do I really need silver mylar tape? I actually have no idea where it even came from. And the moral of the story, getting rid of all these randow roles of tape makes it easier to find the masking and packing tape that I commonly need to grab in a hurry.


2. Removing furniture that is excessive. I have a fairly decent sized studio and it is easy to accomodate furniture in it but much harder to get rid of said furniture. Take a look at the furnishings that you have. Are they really serving you best? It might be time to donate some furniture and possible even replace it with something that will work better for you.


3. When you know where to find your materials, work becomes very efficient. Keeping items organized in a systematic fashion will help you reduce clutter and give you ease in your desparate search for an eraser. You may find that you kept buying things like erasers because you couldn't find them in the clutter. After you get organized you might just find that you have 15 erasers!


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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