Art and Fashion Collaboration

three fashion models with artwork designs on their clothes standing in front of matching Piet Mondrain artwork.

 1965 Piet Mondrian Collaboration with Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent


Fashion and art have collided throughout history, here are some great examples to get you inspired. Maybe you will start scoping out designers that you might want to work with. You can print your art on fabric at this website:


Above is the collaboration between artist Piet Mondrian and Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent. The simple dress is well matched with the clean lines provided by the geometric shapes common in Mondrian's artwork.


"Saint Laurent released the 1965 dress for the Autumn season; its simple A-line, and tidy shift silhouette was typical of the mid-sixties. What was perhaps less typical was the clear allusion Saint Laurent was making to Mondrian in his uses of graphic black lines (running both horizontally and vertically) and white and primary color blocks." -


Sweater with black horizontal lines and text on the back that says she went out like a 40 watt bulb

2011 Artist Tracey Emin collaborates with fashion label "Banjo & Matilde" 


Artist Tracey Emin collaborated with fashion label "Banjo & Matilde" to create the above black and ivory cashmere pullovers. Part of the proceeds went to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.


"Head designer, Bleynda Macpherson, of the Bondi-based cashmere clothing line, Banjo & Matilde, tapped British Turner Prize nominee, Tracey Emin, for the brand's annual charity sweater project. Emin's past work has dealt extensively with sewing, embroidery, and other traditional craft and textile work, so the pairing seemed quite fitting." -


painting of a nurse wearing a surgical mask and a photo of a fashion model wearing same outfit

 2008 Artist Richard Prince collaborates with designer Louis Vutton


A very literal interpretation of Richard Price's artwork was created when he agreed to work with Louis Vutton in 2008. But I don't see any drips embroidered anywhere?


"As Jacobs recalls, Richard Prince "asked me, what about Louis Vuitton after dark?" From that question something crazy and beautiful was born. Their collaboration proved fruitful: the collections (from clothing to accessories) were well received, and Prince's nurse paintings came to life on Paris' runway and beyond." -


models wearing outfits that match a drawing on the walls of a room they are standing in

2007 Artist James Jean collaboration with Prada


Artist James Jean has created multiple collaborative works with Prada including back-drops, clothing, handbags, shoes, wallpaper and packaging. 


"In 2008, Jean again collaborated with Prada, developing an animated short based on the wallpapers, clothing, and accessories produced in 2007. He wrote, storyboarded, and did the visual development for the animation, which would be eventually titled "Trembled Blossoms", taken from the poem "Ode to Psyche”, by John Keats." -


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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