Classical and Contemporary Portraiture: Greg MacNair

A realistic portrait of a youngUntitled

Greg MacNair, our featured artist for today, is an oil painter who uses techniques of classical realism to portray modern subjects.


I love seeing the attention to detail in each of Greg’s works. With his particular method of painting he manages to capture the exact image of his subject – be that a person, landscape, or pet – with both incredible accuracy and a loose, playful aspect. His images are never photorealistic but rather celebrate the qualities of the medium itself.


A black and white drawing of a sports announcer at a stadiumUntitled

While the classical style that he uses in his portraits lends itself to seriousness, Greg shows the lighter side of his artistic practice in his pet portraits and his humorous work. The skill and attention to detail remains the same, but the subjects of the humorous portraits appear slightly exaggerated, while the images of pets allow their personalities to shine through foremost. View these and other works of classical and contemporary portraiture on Greg’s webpage,, which he created using our artist website builder.


A painting of a dirt path through a wooded areaUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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