Moody Abstract Works: Skai Fowler

An abstract painting with overlapping lines of orange and blue tonesConvergence 1, acrylic on canvas

Skai Fowler is based in Vancouver, British Columbia but her art exhibits internationally. Her paintings combine powerful, almost monochromatic planes of colour with smaller shapes and thin, spider-like dark lines, creating an effect that I find slightly reminiscent of the works of Kandinsky.


A screen capture of Skai Fowler's websiteDown This Crazy River series on Skai Fowler's website

An abstracted painting of salmon swimming upstream on a deep blue backgroundSalmon River, acrylic on canvas

Skai’s works are abstract however it is clear that she draws inspiration from observation in many cases. For example, her Prairie Dreaming series manages to perfectly emulate the flat, yellow heat of that part of the country, while never quite representing anything more that possible horizon lines, and blue panels of sky.


An abstract painting composed of blue and pink tonesDream Too, acrylic on canvas

Among these moody abstract works are Skai’s explorations into photography, wherein the female nude is represented as a part of art history, a part of nature, and as an ever changing, ethereal form. I particularly enjoy these works because they seem to personify the sense of great movement that is present in Skai’s paintings.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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