Showing My Art In San Francisco

Rebecca Chaperon and her art at Gauntlet Gallery San Francisco
It was a total blast to join my work at an exhibition in San Francisco ! I got to meet lots of new people and artists as well as the great people running Gauntlet Gallery. There are a number of things that I can recommend after this experience of travelling to a new city to exhibit my art. 


If you plan on doing something similar here's what you should know:


1. If you are travelling to a city outside of your country then consider shipping your artwork. Ship it early and safely, with insurance and tracking. Crossing borders with your artwork might cause issues and shipping through customs seems more successful. If you are travelling within your country then you can travel with your work by bringing it on the plane as an oversized item. Some artists unstretch their canvases and restrech them at the destination.


2. Plan to attend some art openings during your stay so that you can meet other people in the art community of the place that you are travelling to. Making connections there will be good for future opportunities to show in that city again. 


3. If you are generally a wallflower during your openings now would be the time to get over it. At your opening you need to make an effort to chat with as many people as possible. You never know who your potential clients are or what friendships and benefits may come from the discussion that you have this one night. Make the most of it! YOLO. 

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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