How To Avoid To-do List Burn-out for Artists


A To-Do List
To do lists are a necessary evil when you are trying to take steps toward very large goals in your life. Artists are no exception. The to-do list offers us clarity in our tasks and the opportunity to prioritize. We empty out our head and low and behold some of the things we see on the paper before us are exciting and challenging and other things are ....a total drag!


No big deal. We soldier through. But what about when there is a new to-do list every week or every day? Doesn't it just feel as though we are constantly trying to get through our list of things to do without an end in sight? After a while we are stuck in the constancy of work and feelings of desperation and hopelessness can set in despite all of our accomplishments. 


Does any of this sound familiar? On your artist to-do list are you bombarded by tasks of every nature - studio work, deadlines, cleaning, fitness, groceries, social media updates, following up with clients, responding to emails and on and on?


Have you considered keeping a list of your accomplishments? Big or small? If you did you might get more access to that sense of balance that feels so elusive. It seems a shame to cross things off  to-do lists as though their only function is to be completed. Taking a moment to feel great about our accomplishments and hold them close can help us feel excited to attack the next to-do list in our future.


My challenge to you is to sit down for the next 10 minutes and write a list of your accomplishments.


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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