Movement and Texture: the Artwork of David Ferguson

A heavily textured abstract painting with tones of deep blueSky Event, cast cotton and acrylic on painted board

Movement and texture feature prominently in the work of David Ferguson, our featured artist of the day. David is not only a painter, but a dancer and choreographer, so it makes sense that he would utilize his own expertise and appreciation for moving forms in all of his work.


Several pieces of white cast cotton arranged on a white wallCourtyard for a Bird, cast cotton installation


I am fascinated by David’s use of cast cotton in his paintings. This is soft cotton, form into large, flat “wafers” that each shimmer with their own unique topography, giving the impression of continents moving over the sea. Not only does this create the desire in the viewer to look more closely at the paintings, but I find I wish I could touch each of these. Is the cotton still soft? Or does it harden as it is “cast,” forming something more like a plaster tile?


David’s current focus in his practice is on choreography and dance theatre. Since its founding in 1992, he has been a co-director of Suddenly Dance Theatre, located in Victoria, British Columbia.


The "wilderness" gallery on David Ferguson's artist websiteWilderness gallery on

An abstract painting using pieces  of cast cotton on a blue backgroundPassage, cast cotton and acrylic on painted board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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