Insect Motifs: the Art of Tina Tavolacci

A painting of a bee over scraps of old paperUntitled

Tina Tavolacci is a Michigan artist who specializes in painting and jewelry, incorporating insect motifs, as well as animals and plants into much of her work.


The recurring images of different items from nature – insects, sea creatures, leaves and branches of trees – are interesting when placed on jewelry. Something that is often refined to be as smooth and shiny as possible is, in the case of Tina’s work, left a bit rougher around the edges. The result is beautiful pieces of art that allow the viewer as well as the wearer to appreciate the beauty of nature’s imperfection.


A set of earrings on Tina Lavolacci's art websiteTina Tavolacci's earrings on


A pair of dangly earrings with rough, rectangular pieces of materialUntitled

Tina tends t o use a lot of earthy, neutral tones in her works. In her paintings, this works well with her collaged inclusion of scraps of paper such as pages from books and old sheet music – creating images that have the sepia-toned effect of pages from very old nature books or visual encyclopedias.


Two small paintings of birds on blue backgroundsOriole and Blue Jay, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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