One-of-a-Kind Rocking Chairs by Ken Vick

A photo of a handmade mahogany rocking chairChair #1 Hard Work is Rewarded, mahogany

Our featured artist of the day is Ken Vic. Ken is a woodworker who uses his considerable skill and training to create lovely, one-of-a-kind rocking chairs.


Having spent over four decades as a scientist, Ken is now works full time in his workshop in Niagara Falls, Ontario, creating furniture to his customer’s specifications. The rocking chairs that are the mainstay of his production are created from high-quality and valuable woods such as mahogany, walnut and cherry. By using these quality materials, Ken ensures that his chairs are not only visually inviting, but that they will last for years to come.


A photo of a handmade walnut rocking chairChair #2 The Survivor, walnut


Woodworking website of Ken

Ken’s dedication to his craft is clear in his descriptions of the pieces, as well as in the amount of work he puts into each one – 120 hours per chair! In line with his rocking chairs, Ken has an interest in the aesthetics of early American furnishings, and will also discuss crafting such pieces in an 18th century style.


A photo of the artist next to a rosewood desk of his constructionRosewood slant top standing desk


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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