Photography Portfolio: Cody Blain Jones

Multiple exposure photographLondon, Photographic overlay printed on gallery wrapped canvas

"The mind is the realm of art. It is where every person experiences the fantastic, the beautiful, the terrible, and the divine. My goal is to forget the widely accepted reality, the so called mundane. I turn my focus towards the fantastic. Not necessarily the ideal, but the surreal, the mystical, the super-natural. A return to the primal urges of consciousness.


A work of art is not merely the art object, but the interaction between the object and the viewer. It is in the mind that art exists, as it is in the mind that our world is experienced. Without the observer or creator, an art object is merely its components; paint, paper, pixel, metal, stone, or clay. The human psyche gives substance to the source materials." --Cody Blain Jones, Denver, Colorado.


With a strong interest in psychology, Cody Blain Jones' work is routed around human consciousness and the blurred boundaries of experience, sensation, and memory. He earned his MFA in studio arts in 2011 and currently exhibits his work in national juried shows as well as solo exhibitions.


Multi-exposure photograph of DublinDublin, Photographic overlay printed on gallery wrapped canvas


Multiple exposure photographic overlay of AmsterdamAmsterdam, Photographic overlay printed on gallery wrapped canvas


View more of Cody's photography on his portfolio website:

Written by: Eric Deis
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