Fabric and Hanging Objects: Art by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

A photograph of an installation in a room featuring large sheets of fabric and coloured lightsDeflated/Defeated, wood, fabric, PVC pipe, dye, vinyl, thread, coloured lights

Jacqueline Bell Johnson is an L.A. based installation artist. Her works use a variety of natural and synthetic materials to create large, room-filling forms that range from rigid wire sculptures to billowing sheets of fabric and hanging objects draped across gallery spaces.


The visual experience that Jacqueline creates with her sculptural work causes the viewer to spend a bit more time with each piece, seeing it first as a whole, and moving inward to examine the smaller particles that make up its entirety. Jacqueline’s work has a lovely sense of flow about it, and the way it’s suspended from ceilings or webbed over the corners of spaces makes pieces and materials seem lighter and more ethereal than they are.


A gallery of installation work on Jacqueline Bell Johnson's websiteInstallation and Site-Specific artwork on www.jacquelinebelljohnson.com

An elongated tubular shape made of synthetic materials with black straps hanging from itDragon 2, vinyl tubing, black polyvinyl pallet strapping, brass screws, EL wire

Also included on Jacqueline’s portfolio webpage are a series of drawings, some of which are sketches preceding finished sculptures, and others which are purely artistic explorations. I always enjoy seeing an artist’s creative process manifest in drawings aside from the medium they usually work in.


A bird-like sculpture made of interconnected wooden tilesThe Storyteller, wood, black cotton string, steel cable

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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