Dizzingly Intricate Artworks by Robert Schroeder

An abstract work of ink drawing with colourful shapes defined by overlapping linesCloo, black ink and marker

Robert Schroeder’s dizzingly intricate artworks are coloured marker drawings that seem to reference a variety of art-historical figures, with an exuberance that shows a great love for a simple medium.


I can’t help but compare Robert’s abstract compositions to works of stained glass – and by that logic it should come as no surprise that Robert is also a skilled glassworker. His glass creations are quite wondrous – satisfying, spherical or blob-like shapes with veins of bright colour swimming throughout.


A screen capture of Robert Schroeder's websiteColoured pieces in Robert Schroeder's portfolio of drawings

Two abstract compositions of coloured line in markerClick, marker

While many of Robert’s works seem to follow a similar formula, the variations therein are numerous and create a rich yet cohesive body of drawings all of which can be viewed on Robert’s website – www.roberwernerschroeder.com.  I like seeing the contrast between his polished, coloured works, and his looser explorations of medium, material, line and colour in his “compositions” gallery.  There is something almost childlike about these works, a pure display of joy and excitement about the process of making work.


An abstract work of glass with lime green stripesUntitled, glass

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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