The Wonder of Nature: Prints by Nicole Richards

A print on a wood panel of a flock of birdsFlock Bomb

Nicole Richards makes artworks that reflect the wonder of nature and her own enthrallment with it. She often uses print media, and delves into the patterns of tree rings, flight formations of birds, and the growth patterns of leaves to create dynamic prints that speak to the complexities of the natural world.


A trio of woodcut prints of fossilsHomage to the First Prints, woodcut


The front page of Nicole Richards'

The works that strike me first in Nicole’s portfolio are her mixed-media prints of flocks of birds in different coloured skies. The prints are on wood panels, the grain of which shows through, grounding the flight imagery in another very terrestrial image. It’s interesting to see Nicole’s varied usage of wood throughout her works – in some, it is the surface on which the image is created, in others it is part of the image, but in all of her works it becomes a running theme that helps to solidify a subtle hint of the forest as being a jumping off-point.


An intaglio print of a frog sitting in a circle of stonesFrog Clock, hand-coloured intaglio print


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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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