Studio Sunday: Ken Vick and Michelle Marcotte

A photo of a home studio space with large windows

On today's Studio Sunday, let’s take a look at the home studio spaces of two of our Artist Run Website customers: Ken Vick and Michelle Marcotte. Ken and Michelle recently moved to a new home in Lewiston, NY, where they have set up two beautiful studio spaces, catered to their own respective practices.


As a master woodworker, Ken needs a full, professional level woodworking shop to build his custom furnishings and woodworking designs. As such, he has taken over the 3-car garage (itself around nine-hundred square feet in size) as well as part of the heated basement in the house (adding another four-hundred square feet to the total size of his studio.) The wood shop is well equipped with machinery such as a band-saw, table saws and a belt-sander. Along with the larger, stationary appliances come the requisite smaller, hand-held equipment as well as plenty of storage space. One entire wall of the garage space is lined with cupboards, perfect for storing hammers, drills, levels and the like.


a photo of a garage woodshop

Inside the house, in harmony and contrast with the industrial styling of Ken’s shop, is Michelle’s painting studio. The house itself was built in 1965 and remains largely original, with the exception of carpets which have recently been replaced. Michelle’s studio takes advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows which let natural light shine through three of four walls. The studio is huge – approximately twenty-six feet long and fifteen feet wide, with built in cupboards, a fireplace, and interior brick and wood paneling. I can imagine getting really organized in such a massive studio space – having spaces specifically for works in progress, finished painting storage, as well as a cupboard for every kind of different paint, medium, or brush!


The natural lighting offers a great advantage for painting as well. Michelle is part of a plein-air painting group, and the views from her studio offer the effect of being out of doors to get into the plein-air headspace.

A photo of an indoor art studio space

Take a look at the works that Ken and Michelle will be creating in their studios by visiting their portfolio websites.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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