Expansive Photographs by Eric Deis

A photograph of a cluster of well-kempt trees in front of a skyscraperLovers

Eric Deis’ expansive photographs demand that the viewer examine the entire image to fully understand what has been captured. Eric’s subject matter ranges from clean landscapes and cityscapes to crowded sporting events and interiors. The former allows the viewer a rare look at the details of nature – with Eric’s photographs, I can take the time to examine the shadow on each leaf of a tree, for example – and the latter, a great opportunity to look closer at the human subject, many of whom are far from the camera lens and thus captured in a candid moment.


A photo with a tree on a street next to a small building with an awningLast Chance

I like the candid sense of Eric’s work, and how he manages to find the aesthetic value in everyday scenes without necessarily manipulating or altering what is already there. The size and scope of the photo is enough to keep a viewer interested for more than a second’s glance – in some of these, there is room to truly get lost in the view.  


A photo of a street in Japan full of lights, signs and peopleRose Marry

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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