Masterful Woodwork Designs by Peter Borkowicz

A large, handmade wardrobe with wood detailingBeidermeier Style Armoir, Mahogany Crotch veneers, Sapeli solids and Veneers, Ebonized Tulip Wood and Aromatic Tennessee Cedar interior.

Craftsman Peter Borkowicz creates masterful woodwork designs ranging from simple spice-racks, to tables, to entire kitchen cabinet sets, all in his own unique yet variable style.


A photo of a round, custom-made dining tableLarge Table

I like looking at the range of different projects that are on display in Peter’s online portfolio. He seems to be able change his way of working to match the style of the space which the objects will eventually inhabit, and his works range from ornately crafted, heavy-looking character pieces, to simpler, more contemporary designs that would be at home in a smaller space.


Peter has also done work for yachts, creating the furniture for suits inside the vehicles, as well as wood detailing on the walls of the yacht itself – creating a nice accent to bring the entire interior space together. Peter creates all of his wood works from his wood shop in Vancouver, BC.


A photo of a wood cabinet installed in the interior of a yachtLower Foyer Cabinet

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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