Design With Sound by John Greg Ball

A design project that comprises a sleek chair with subwoofer speakers embedded

Subsonic Chair


Currently based in Calgary, Alberta, John Greg Ball is an industrial designer and our featured artist for today! John produces design for household and commercial products as well as outdoor public art and spatial installations. He is currently completing his Master’s of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, where he is researching new ideas in design with sound and sound-related products.


Two lighting features designed to look like water currentsCurrents of the Bow, custom-designed acrylic panels, modified bicycle cables

John’s portfolio of commercial design work is packed with examples of his diverse abilities – from cupcake stands to high-quality speakers and everything in between. He has a distinct style that adapts well to different objects, but shines particularly well in his electronics – speakers, lamps and clocks are juxtaposed with lovely organic form to create dynamic objects.


On his portfolio at, John has also curated a selection of links and examples from his research on sound and designs for sound. I really like this section as a view into the way that John works, as well as what the future might have in store for him.


A photo of a lamp designed to look like a hoodoo, place in a dark outdoor sceneHoodoo Lamp, CNC machined coroplast, fluorescent lighting (collaboration with Shoko Cesar)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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