Macabre Mementos: Art by Julie Dives

A painting of a deer that blends into the grain of the wood panel it is painted onAn Apology, wood burning with mixed-media

Julie Dives, our featured artist for the day, is a graduate of Vancouver’s Emily Carr University and is now based in Kelowna. In her current practice she is working on a series of macabre mementos, a collection of works in various mediums that share a fondness for cabin aesthetics and taxidermy.


An etching of an old van parked in the wildernessCamp Mikala, etching

I find a lot of interest in the way that Julie combines realistic paintings and drawings of animals with materials – like wood – which, while natural, are used in a more processed state, connecting to the use, disappearance, and eventual memory of her animal subjects, as well. Technically, Julie’s work is highly skilled, and she has talent for several different mediums – in her oil paintings she manages both to utilize the specific advantages of the medium, yet still emulate the colours and tones of a wood burned image or a print.


An oil paining of an old book with flowers on topBirds of North America, oil on canvas


Check out Julie’s drawings as well on her portfolio at!

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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